Representing consumers and policyholders with claim-handling complaints against insurance companies
Our practice includes: personal injury cases, no-fault and medpay claims, disability and life insurance claims, commercial and residential property loss claims and "bad faith" claims
Zebrowski Law is located in Shelby Township, Michigan. Our attorneys handle cases in other states, and have developed a national reputation for dealing with the complexities of insurance claims. We try to see that policyholders receive all of the insurance benefits owed by law and the policy. 

We represent people injured in motor vehicle and truck accidents, both claims against other driver(s) and insurers. Our clients are those who don't receive the medical care and payments owed under the policy. This includes reimbursing family members who provide in home attendant care when family members require hands-on assistance or supervisory monitoring. In most cases, the insured who need this type of help are the severely brain injured, quadriplegics and paraplegics.

Claim disputes involving delay and denials of disability and life insurance claims require immediate attention and assistance. We can help the policyholder receive their full benefits.

Property losses involve loss of or damage to homes or commercial buildings, sometimes with business interruptions, from fire, wind, water or other natural cause. People value their homes, businesses, and possessions and buy insurance protection as a strategy to soften the financial consequences of their loss. When the insurance company unfairly delays or denies the claim, the financial problems fall squarely on the policyholder - exactly what the insurance is supposed to prevent. Whether your situation requires legal action or just advice, we are here to assist.

Our legal fees are typically on a contingency basis. This means that there is no charge until the case is concluded successfully. We welcome any internet or telephone inquiries from potential clients as well as referring attorneys.
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$25 Million Dollar Insurance Bad Faith Settlement

Zebrowski Law has settled an insurance bad faith case in the Southwestern United States for $25,000,000.00 in a case against a Michigan no fault automobile insurance company.

Insurance companies writing Michigan policies must provide lifetime medical benefits to individuals injured in automobile accidents. Zebrowski Law has represented catastrophically injured individuals (quadriplegics, paraplegics, those with closed head injuries, etc.) in suits against their own automobile insurers. These include well-known, national insurance companies.  

Because of the lifetime nature of the benefits and the costs of care associated with catastrophic injuries, insurance companies conceal or misrepresent benefits, unreasonably deny or delay benefits, and engage in behavior that puts their own interests above those of the injured individual. This kind of behavior can constitute insurance bad faith.

This pattern of behavior becomes worse when individuals covered by a Michigan policy (which can include passengers and pedestrians, including those from other states injured by a car covered by a Michigan policy) live in states other than Michigan. The insurance companies typically treat them much worse and bank on the idea that people in other states are unaware of Michigan no fault insurance. Oftentimes, catastrophically injured individuals move to other states, particularly to avoid the effects of harsh Michigan winters on their disabilities. Zebrowski Law has successfully represented such individuals in cases in Arizona, California, Hawai’i, Florida, and elsewhere.

These states (and others) hold insurers to certain good faith standards and allow for various damages including the value of benefits, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and punitive damages. 

If you are covered by a Michigan no fault policy and live outside the state of Michigan, please contact us for a review of your situation.